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We are Baboon - A Nottingham based, graphic and web design agency offering a complete and integrated, creative and strategic creative and web design resource. From Corporate and brand identity, development and management to creative design for print. We develop W3c standard, accessible web design in Nottingham and our web development disciplines include e-commerce, CMS and CRM integration,
search engine optimisation (SEO), online advertising and viral marketing!

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If you're the kind of client we'd want to work with, you'd probably expect that we'd be into all of the aforementioned stuff. In fact it should be a given! However, what you're probably looking for is a creative partner who fits with your business. A design team that digs a little deeper in order to gain a true understanding of how your business works and offers creative design solutions that not only answer the brief but raise your game to a whole new level!

Corporate Identity and Brand Development

Without a strong, and distinctive corporate identity your business could be missing out simply by blending in. Branding isn't just about great logo design, it's about your whole corporate philosophy, values and tone of voice. Above all a good brand needs good brand management to ensure that the message is never diluted and the brand overlooked. If you are loyal to your branding it will show in everything your company produces both on and offline.

Graphic Design for Print and New Media

Graphic design, or the 'pretty bit' as we like to call it, has been around since long before the invention of that fancy crayon otherwise known as the ‘Mac’. Whilst the computer has undoubtedly revolutionised the way in which graphics are constructed, presented and displayed, great design is still only achievable through a combination good technology working hand in hand with typographical skill, a good sense of visual balance and an experienced creative mind!

Web Design and Development

It's no surprise that in this age of digital media the website is the weapon of choice for building a business. But if you want your website to out gun the competition your thinking needs to be strategic and informed, and your site developed to be flexible under fire. If recent times have taught us anything it should be that WHATEVER YOUR BUSINESS, there is no excuse for not having some presence on the world wide web... however rudimentary. But if your business relies on the internet for its survival, then you should be investing both time and money at the appropriate levels to ensure you have web design that delivers the very best financial return on that investment!

Search Engine Optimisation

There are many myths that surround the strange and seemingly mystical practice of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). However, in a nutshell, all you need to know is that without good and continuous application of optimisation techniques, your website will almost definitely struggle to gain (and certainly maintain) a prominent position on the search engine page listings. However, if your site isn't being found by your target audiences we can help but remember that prevention is always better than cure and a website that’s been designed, built and optimised to perform from the start, quite simply, will!

Online Marketing and Social Media

Apart from SEO there are a multitude of additional practices that can all help to develop a successful web presence. Especially in areas of high competition it’s always a good idea to try and gain the advantage over your business opponents by employing new techniques. Twitter, Facebook, Digg, YouTube, Delicious and a host of other social networking and bookmarking facilities are just waiting for you to take advantage of their undeniable global accessibility to turn your business into something remarkable!

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We're located on the edge of Nottingham City Centre - The Studio, 1 Clinton Terrace, Derby Road, Nottingham NG7 1LY - to learn more about our design agency or if you have any web design projects feel free to call Nottingham (0115) 9503 956 or Email us for more information.

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