Logo Design & Branding Review

Nova Play Logo & Branding Design

Over the years Baboon Creative has had the pleasure of working with numerous businesses looking to improve their visual presentation and raise their profile through logo design and branding. Whilst the values and integrity of the business along with the quality of its products, services (and to a large extent its personnel) are hugely important in building and maintaining a professional reputation, the key to achieving greater visibility lies in the development of a clearly defined and co-ordinated brand.

A sports and play surfaces company, based in Derby, were initially looking for a re-design for their ageing website but it soon became clear that upgrading their digital assets would benefit them much more if their corporate brand assets were also reviewed.

To this end the website re-design and development is currently on hold whilst efforts were concentrated on a more corporate identity, logo and branding targeted campaign of improvement.

A couple of months down the line we have now developed a new, more contemporary and “grown up” identity that has a sense of dynamism that the original lacked.

Visually the new style is much less complex and has been simplified so that it works well across all media. In particular printed sales literature the first of which is due to be produced this month. With the printed literature, we were aiming to achieve a sense of unified product “range” so that even though the products and services may be targeted at different markets, the literature portrays a business with a strong identity and visual theme across all areas.

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