Going Up!! New Brand ID…


This week we have mostly been learning about ‘Vertical Development’!

As a design agency specialising in logo design brand identity (and brochure, website design and all that good stuff), Baboon is never happier than when we have the opportunity to work on something a bit different. And this week we landed a really exciting branding project for a London based business psychology consultancy.

Unlike many ‘business consultancies’ who’s aim is to use more traditional “horizontal” development techniques and specific business skills to improve business efficiency, our clients’ proposition approaches the same aims from a completely different perspective.

Vertical development focuses on strengthening the individual, helping them to be more mentally, physically and spiritually resilient, and to take control of their lives on both a personal and occupational level. By developing these very personal areas, employees find that they have more energy and positivity, they can better manage their time and be generally happier and more productive at both work and home.

The challenge here is to develop a brand that appeals equally, and inspires, two different levels of the same audience… the participants (employees) and the investors (management, who can also be participants of course).

We’re still in the very early stages, so no sneaky peeks to be had at the moment, but so far the initial concepts are looking really tasty… even if we do say so ourselves. But with the first round of client presentations are fast approaching and so we’re only days away from moving into the refinement and expansion phase.

The next challenge will be to hit the mid December deadline for their website launch… but that’s another story!

Watch this space.


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