Playtop Licensing – 40YRS Anniversary Logo Branding Design



In 2017, one of Baboons’ largest and most prolific clients will be celebrating forty years in business. Playtop Licensing Ltd, based in Newark, are the innovators and manufacturers of wet pour rubber surfacing that can be used for walkways and a number of other architectural applications but is used primarily for playgrounds. Over the five years that Baboon has been working with Playtop, guiding them through a steady process of logo branding design and brand development, Baboon has input on the majority of their extensive library of brochures, data sheets and other sales and promotional literature and materials.

Playtop are a UK based company with licensees in over 45 countries worldwide and as such the biggest change for them has been the re-design of their corporate identity, which was for the first time in almost thirty years that it had been reviewed.

For Baboon the latest challenge has been to create concepts for their imminent anniversary which will coincide with the company’s 2017 Conference. For both the Conference and the 40YRS themes Playtop have been presented with several options for consideration however these have been quickly narrowed down to just two… both of which we love but for very different reasons!

There is still a way to go before all of the design work is finalised but for now we’re happy just to offer a small taste of the designs that were presented.


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