If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur! - Red Adair

— Professional Graphic Design Services vs. The Amateur

 “We think it’s a bit expensive!” – There has probably never been a more disappointing comment from a (potential or otherwise) client. And it’s becoming a regular thing in the industry that creative and graphic design skills, expertise and experience are under fire for being over priced. However this belief could not be farther from the truth!

Over the last two decades at least, technology has driven the costs for design services down, especially in the print industry where the majority of “reprographic” work is now carried out in the studio at the design stage and is often included in the overall hourly rate, which effectively removes the need for the traditional repro, slashing print production budgets by over half. Similarly, the use of digital print and the ability to produce smaller, more manageable print runs again has cut the cost enormously. And so, where does this perception that professional design services are excessively priced come from?

One very obvious area is the rise of the “Cheap Websites, From Only £ 79.99, everything included, top of Google” offers that are bandied about… does anybody ever stop to think how that is even possible? When you consider that most businesses that sell products online HAVE to pay for secure hosting, Secure Certification, Liability Insurance, and the list goes on, how can it be that their website should cost, what is effectively, one hours work!? OK, this might sound like a bit of a rant… which it is a bit… but the point is that “cost” should never be confused with “value” and “expertise” should never be substituted by “blind faith”.

Browsing any web company’s portfolio should easily provide you with a good idea of just how proficient they are at their work. They may have had little or no experience of your particular market or industry, but if they look capable of delivering well designed, good quality results then they should be worth consideration.

If you’re looking for a “high-end” solution, you should be prepared to make the appropriate investment. Good quality design and development takes thought and it takes expertise, and designers who deliver consistent results are usually in demand.

When commissioning a design studio, for whatever project,  remember you are actually buying their time, and the amount of time they spend on your project will be directly proportional to the end result.

Allow yourself and the designer the space and time to do a proper job, be prepared to pay a fair price and always bear in mind that quality costs! It may be better to compromise on a couple of pages or features to free up the budget you need to achieve something you can be proud of.

In the end, as with most things, you truly DO get what you pay pay for… or deserve!


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