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Regardless of how large or small your business is, these days it’s taken for granted that you will have a website… and if you don’t, well then you virtually don’t exist!

As a design agency Baboon Creative has been successfully developing graphic design, branding and advertising for over 30 years, the last 10 years of which have also included web design and development. But even we were surprised at the statistics that were released in recent reports into the use of websites and social media amongst small businesses.

In recent surveys of over 4000 businesses conducted globally (including the U.S., UK, Australia and Canada), it was estimated that somewhere in the region of 60% of small businesses (that’s companies comprising 1-5 employees) had no online or social media presence, a whopping 35% of which considered themselves to be “too small” to warrant owning a website.

A further 21% blamed their lack of technical expertise for a slow-to-stop uptake whilst a further 20% felt that they couldn’t justify the costs!

Taken at face value these figures are substantial and somewhat surprising until you realise that 39% of the businesses surveyed worldwide and 46% in the U.S. consisted of only one person.

The “one-man-band” business has always relied on repeat business from loyal clients, a solid reputation and personal recommendations… more word-of-mouth than word-of mouse!

Unfortunately in the past few years there has been an acceleration in online search, ordinary people are using the internet in ever more sophisticated ways in order to seek out the products and services they need, and the simple outcome for companies without an online presence will almost definitely be that they’ll miss out.

By comparison, 83% of the companies surveyed that did own websites and/or social media accounts believed that they had the competitive edge!

Website Design Nottingham

Faced with these facts, why would any company choose NOT to have an online presence?

We’ve heard that over half of the companies that failed to have a website blamed either a lack of technical ability and/or a lack of finance, but both of these reason have very simple and cost effective solutions.

It’s true to say that in the past good quality web development did come at a price that was out of the reach of most small businesses.

Whilst there are still large digital development companies creating expensive and complex websites, these tend to be for large businesses that require specialist input.

For the smaller business there are far more cost effective options available now than ever before and, whilst you still need to be careful when choosing a web design agency (always avoid the cheapest option… what they’ll offer will never be more than very basic and will inevitably cost more in the long run… we’re just sayin’ ^_^ ) there has never been a better time to get online!

OK, social media is something very different to simply having a website. For one thing keeping all of the different accounts synchronised and updated can soak up a lot of your time and, depending on what kind of business/industry you’re in to the results may not be that great. Deciding whether to have active ‘Facebook’ or ‘Twitter’ accounts is more a matter of choice and relevance.

Whereas having a website should be a given!

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Whatever your views on the world wide web, the simple truth is that if you can’t be found in a Google search, the chances are you won’t be found at all!

Consider the following…

1) We’re too small to need a website – WRONG! This is a very negative and harmful view to take. Every business, regardless of size has the opportunity to share its expertise and showcase its products quite literally to a worldwide audience. Back in the day it would be commercial suicide to not have your contact details published in the Yellow Pages (remember that rain forest devouring leviathan of a telephone directory). If you keep doing what you do, you’ll keep getting what you’ve got… if you’re lucky!

2) We don’t have the technical skills – NOT NECESSARY! If you’re not looking for a website with specialist functionality, there’s no reason why you would need any specialist skills in-house. Choosing the right web designer will ensure that you are hand-held throughout the entire process and by the end of it you’ll be flying the website like a pro!

3) We can’t afford a website – CAN’t OR WON’t? Ok, we know that not every company has a huge marketing budget and understandably some may have to make do on a shoestring. But if you consider points (1) and (2) above also apply to your business, then you REALLY need some help getting online… before you make any decisions take some advice, speak to the professionals and see if there’s a deal that can be struck. Most reputable design agencies will be honest and suggest a realistic budget to cover the works you require. It’s in their interest to be straight and tell you from day one what can or can’t be done within the fee but they may also offer fixed price, packaged option or a stage payment plan that will help with both their cashflow and yours.

And finally…

Summing up is quite simple. If you think you don’t need a website you are WRONG. If you think you can’t afford a website you are also WRONG. If you think that you don’t have the ability to run a website, well you may have a point BUT that shouldn’t stop you from exploring the possibility. If your business is beginning to feel the icy touch of diminishing returns it’s never too late try something new!

Speaking of diminishing returns, the other day the latest copy of the ‘Yellow Pages’ directory plopped through the letterbox and onto the door mat. Seconds later it was in the recycling bin along with the rest of the junk mail. It’s funny how things change isn’t it.

Don’t have nightmares! ^_^

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